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Caird Park, Dundee

Year 2 Integrated Design: Typology and Tectonics

Three Pavilions in the Landscape.


The concept is based on Taoism and its three fundamental elements - Simplicity, Patience and Compassion, and how the three pavilions can be explained through these.

The question of how a crematorium, a very spiritual space, should respond to different user's religions and beliefs, was displaced into Taoism. It is an ancient practice of learning how to live in harmony with the universe, evocative of flowing water. The Tao (The Way) is the source of energy that flows through everything, and the more one struggles against the current, the harder life becomes.


A small stream flows through the valley of the site and through each of the pavilions; carrying the spirit of those who have passed on and guiding the bereaved. The clear route of the complex gently gives direction and provides comfort in not having to choose one path out of many to follow.

This was the main project for the second semester of second year. I experimented with Vray to render a sketchup model for the first time, and I made a 1:50 sectional model through the valley and all three pavilions, which ended up being almost 2 metres long.

First A0.jpg
Crematorium A0 2.jpg
final crematorium model photo insta2.jpg
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