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Artist's Studio

163 High Street, Perth

Year 2 Intervention project - 1 week

"Parasitic studio space"


A short introductory project at the start of the second semester of second year. Each second year student was assigned two first years and instructed to design an intervention in left-over or abandoned spaces within the city centre and make a proposal for an artist's studio.

Our proposal was for a portraiture and still-life artist who also holds life drawing classes. The act of studying and depicting the human body was perceived as a performance of sorts, therefore we wanted people to look up at the studio from the street with curiosity and invite them to learn more about the studio. The space is very open and modular, giving the artist the freedom to set up easels and move around plinths as they wish to create different working and teaching environments. The apparently seamless glass facade is actually comprised of smart panels with opacity switches, giving the artist control over the level of light allowed into the space and the privacy afforded to them and their clients.

Perth Project.jpg
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